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STU Service Joint Stock Company provides professional software outsourcing services for enteprises that need to develop software systems according to custom’s requirements. STU is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of software outsourcing.

Software outsourcing services meet both business and technology needs of customers with the goal of leveraging technology to improve business efficiency. STU offers a variety of software development services:

  • Developing in each of parts, functions and periods.
  • Comprehensive development of on-demand software applications from the proposal for development and maintenance.
  • Help customers maintain software systems through bug fixes and updates of existing software features or development of new software packages.
  • Using outsourcing services bring different benefits for each enterprise, depending on the needs of that company.
  • Significant cost reduction while ensuring an effective IT strategy.
  • Predictability, transparency and cost control.
  • The service is optimized for the business needs of the business.
  • Access to qualified resources and skills capable of adding value and stability.
  • Access to a variety of specialized technology resources through STU’s services.