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Automation has become a leverage to boost the economy, which can meet the needs of each field such as mechanics, compressed air, hydraulics, electricity, electronics and even agriculture and feed manufacturing

One thing is undeniable that, production processes are always controlled by economic laws, of which price is a key element of competition. Can be considered a failure if the product has comparable features to other brands but the price is higher.

The continuous development of artificial intelligence has subjugated disadvantages, so automation production allows us to improve and optimize production costs to compete and deal with problems  such as inflation and material costs, labor costs…

On the market today there are two types of production management software, that are Packaging software and Optimization software (Customize)

1/ Packaging software

Packaging software is a system of pre-written software and widely applied to all businesses and industries. The feature of this type of software is rapid deployment, low price, but there are many unnecessary features. At the same time a number of specific features (due to corporate governance culture, industry specific), the packaging software is missing and unresponsive.

Choose packaging software when your business produces only a few of models and items, simple production management process with few periods. Use packaging software first, then update to the optimized software according to the development scale.

2/ Optimization Software (Customize)

An optimized software is a software system that has been analyzed by pre-operational process experts before programming the software in accordance with customer needs, with the management style and industry-specific factors and profession. The characteristic of this type of software is to meet most of the administrative requirements of customers, and is the only software system exclusively for businesses, with just enough features, no redundancy and no shortage. However, it will come with a higher investment than packaged products and the deployment time is within 2-3 months.

Choose when your business produces a wide range of products, manufactures on multiple periods, requires high output quality, complex supply chains … The industries of wood, mechanic, corrugated- steel, electronic components, apparel, printing, gemstones … should apply the optimization software system early because of the complexity in the production process and the scarcity of raw materials.

Production management software has the ability to strongly handle most modules in production activities, such as:

  • Production planning
  • Calculating production costs
  • Inventory management
  • Tracking production progress
  • Quality management
  • Production accountant
  • Human resource management
  • Consolidated report