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Automatic assembly line

By 24 June, 2020Solution

Automated assembly lines and automation solutions in production, robot integration testing system for more than 6 years has become a strong position and leading spearhead in the development orientation of STU. We are always at the forefront of technology and solutions to help customers solve production problems, including improvement of lines and machines, offering an automated solution in manufacturing, assembling and testing its products to improve productivity and increase profits.

Application of automatic lines

Automated lines with the emergence of robots, AGV self-propelled vehicles, industrial conveyors, automatic workpiece delivery systems create flexible options with multiple scenarios for your factory. From there can apply to many different periods in the product creation process. Types of chains can be classified according to each purpose of use as follows:

  • Automatic production line (producing machine parts, electronic components, phones, …)
  • Automatic assembly line (assembling cars, motorcycles, phones, etc.)
  • Automatic packaging line (product packaging, carton packaging, …)
  • Automated inspection line (checking product quality, QC, …)

Benefits of using automatic line in factories:

  • Labour-saving. Employee productivity can increase by 300-400% when operated automatically compared to using the labor.
  • Take advantage of time. With automated machines and robots, cycle time is always the shortest. The automation system can operate 24/7 and there are very few incidents.
  • Reducing material costs, improving product quality and ensuring accuracy. Parameters in the manufacturing process on the automatic line, machines are controlled and almost always brought to the desired value range of customers, so the production and assembly process always achieve product quality with high precision.
  • Automated solutions for the lines bring competitive ability to businesses. Becaue of low production costs, large output and good quality, so that pricing of the product will be better than the traditional production method.

Customers wishing to consult, design, manufacture, install automated lines and automation solutions, please make a reference to to our typical projects and contact for support.