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STU provides programming solutions and Mobile application development to meet the needs of customers with the most advanced programming technology coupled with superior service quality.

Every day, more than tens of thousands of applications are launched worldwide in the Apps Store, Google Play app stores or other app markets. These applications not only meet the needs of human interaction, entertainment needs but also serve many different purposes such as sales, management, education, health … by the convenience that it brings. Grasping that demand, STU launched Mobile  programming and application development service, providing application design and programming solutions with advanced programming technologies and professional services.

At STU, we specialize in developing mobile applications (Mobile Apps) on Android and IOS platforms to meet the various needs of customers with the following common application groups.

  • Applications for online sales, e-commerce.
  • Applications for location information and information lookup.
  • Applications for reading news, ebooks (e-books), audio books (audio books).
  • Application for management and sales used within the enterprise
  • Application for electronic payment integration
  • Application for user connection.
  • Application for online entertainment.
  • Application for health care and life.
  • Application for booking car, booking table or make a reservation online.
  • Application for online educational E-Learning.
  • Application for developing Global Positioning System(GPS) and maps (Maps).
  • Other applications according to customers’ actual requirements.

STU is confident to bring outstanding Mobile application development solutions, which are highly appreciated by hundreds of customers for the prestige, quality of service and enthusiasm we put into each project. We have outstanding advantages and merits to help customers trust STU when choosing a company which develope and program the mobile application as required.